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About our Backpack

Designed for long-distance comfort, this backpack has everything you need and nothing you don't. Equipped with latest technologies, the Canada Outdoor 65L is ideal for backpacking, hiking and alpine expeditions.

Features :

- Canada Outdoor's suspension creates space between your back and the    pack for additional comfort.

- Removable rain cover that protects your stuff

- Adjustable compartment for different use

- Additional straps on the front and the side for extra loading

- Compression straps on the side to adjust the volume of the pack

- Additional bracket to support your shoulders

- Airing foam for more comfort.

- Two adjustable belts to fit on anyone's back. 

#1 for comfort

The suspensions create space between your back and the pack. This feature, combined with the airy foam, gives you total comfort for any kind of use.

Waterproof Coverage

Don't worry about the rain when you carry your stuff in  Canada Outdoor's bags. They are equipped with the best waterproof technology to keep you dry during your travel.

Free shipping and Free return policies

If for any reason you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase, Canada Outdoor supplies co. provides its customers easy returns

Every bag is shipped from our Canadian warehouse to your home

Canada Outdoor supplies co.

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